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CNN Make Disastrous Error Mistaking A Pride Flag As An ISIS Symbol

A record breaking 30,000 supporters took to the streets of London on Saturday 27th June in support of the annual Pride celebrations. The starting point of the parade took place at Baker Street with more than 250 groups taking part despite terror threats after attacks were reported in France, Tunisia and Kuwait on Friday. This called for extra security who successfully managed to keep the area protected and spirits high throughout the day.

However, CNN made a glaring error when they mistakenly reported a sighting of a flag supporting the Islamic State Group at the event. The news channel entered a six-minute discussion using the banner ‘ISIS Flag Spotted At Gay Pride Parade’. This swiftly turned the communal, uplifted mood to panic when considering the terror threats that the parade faced. Correspondent, Lucy Pawle spoke live to CNN over the phone from London describing the flag as a ‘clear attempt to mimic the ISIS flag’. Nevertheless, the channel were soon set straight when the said Islamic markings were in fact, identified to be sex toys – a rather embarrassing realisation for CNN to face.

Despite this, the party continued with the theme of this year’s parade being Pride Heroes, representing mathematician, Alan Turing who famously made considerable contribution during the Second World War with his code-breaking intelligence. Turing was sadly prosecuted homosexual acts in 1952.


The United States flag joined the likes of the Ireland and Mozambique flags on the front of the march to celebrate their recent gay rights progress. On Friday, the US Supreme Court legalised same-sex marriage across the US, lifting bans in 14 states.

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