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Rupert Murdoch, chairman and chief executive officer of News Corp., listens at the annual Milken Institute Global Conference in Beverly Hills, California, U.S., on Monday, April 29, 2013. The conference brings together hundreds of chief executive officers, senior government officials and leading figures in the global capital markets for discussions on social, political and economic challenges. Photographer: Jonathan Alcorn/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Climate change denier Rupert Murdoch has bought National Geographic.

Climate change denier, Rupert Murdoch has bought National Geographic

It was announced earlier this week that media giant and climate change denier Rupert Murdoch has bought National Geographic. The new alliance is called ‘National Geographic Partners’ and will combine TV channels with the magazine, books, maps and other media channels.  It has been disclosed that Fox will own 73% of the partnership and National Geographic Society owning the remaining 27%.

Rupert Murdoch is the founder, chairman and CEO the News Corporation Company, the world’s second-largest media collaboration, and its successors News Corp and 21st Century Fox after the conglomerate split on 28 June 2013. He owns many media channels, most famously the Times and Sunday Times, however it is Murdoch’s company 21st Century Fox which has bought national geographic with fox paying  $725m (£471m) to the National Geographic Society for its share in the partnership

So what will this mean for the future of National geographic?

There has been considerable public outcry. Many fear the loss of democracy and censorship within media if magazines with as much popularity across the world like National Geographic are owned by one man or corporate bubble.

There is considerable fear over the effect Rupert Murdoch will have on the National Geographic as one of the world’s oldest magazines and have taken to twitter and other social media platforms to show concern over the autonomy of the magazine. Organisations like SumOfUs are currently campaigning to the magazine to appoint their own public editor in order to keep its autonomy and independence from media giants that Murdoch facilitates.

There has also be scepticism of Murdoch owning a wildlife and culture magazine as he has denied reality of climate change previously quoted as saying “We should approach climate change with great scepticism. Climate change has been going on as long as the planet is here. There will always be a little bit of it. We can’t stop it, we’ve just got to stop building vast houses on seashores. The world has been changing for thousands and thousands of years, it’s just a lot more complicated today because we are more advanced.”

The future of National Geographic is yet uncertain, despite its obvious popularity, the backlash of such an controversial investor could be a large risk to its future.

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