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Clean Eating in the Capital: Healthy London

Nowadays, healthy eating is all the rage. Kale smoothies are the new Bloody Mary’s, and afternoon tea has been brushed aside en faveur of gluten free, vegan traybakes and cakes. Healthy eating, however, doesn’t mean missing out on flavour, and cities like London have witnessed a surge of ‘clean’ eating cafés and restaurants. Here’s a list of 4 places to check out for healthy and delicious food:

Tanya’s Chelsea

Tanya’s, located in Chelsea, is one of London’s first raw food restaurants. Demonstrating that raw food isn’t just carrots, peppers and crudités, Tanya’s menu reads like any normal café, with dishes such as rawsome tacos and living pad Thai taking a healthy take on the delicious classics. Tanya’s also is a pioneer in superfood cocktails such as matcha pina colada, making those Friday evening drinks all the more guilt free.


instagram – @tanyaschelsea

Wild Food Cafe

Wild Food Cafe, located in Neal’s Yard near Covent Garden, is a London hotspot for healthy eating. Their slogan, ‘Join the tribe – nourish yourself’, embodies the cafés principle that eating healthy food makes you feel alive and brings a ‘glow you your eyes’. Even if food doesn’t provoke such an emotional reaction in you, their food – such as super salads and fabulous falafel – will certainly make you feel healthy and provide you with important nutrients to refuel after a day of retail therapy.




The Grain Store

The Grain Store, located near King’s Cross Station, is a restaurant that aims to champion the humble vegetable. Dishes such as chilli con veggie and buttermilk pot roast cauliflower show how vegetables can be just as delicious and filling as their meat alternatives. The food is beautifully presented, environmentally friendly and tastes great…what more could you want?

instagram - @grainstorekx

instagram – @grainstorekx


Nama, based in Notting Hill, describes itself as a ‘raw food oasis’. Head to Nama for a weekend brunch and order dishes such as pancake stacks and smashed avocado on toast for a guilt-free weekend treat. They also special in raw food and juice cleanses, a way to get yourself ready for the Christmas indulgence.



Eating healthy has become incredibly popular, and London’s restaurant scene is not hesitating to jump on the bandwagon.

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