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Christoph Waltz to return in the next bond movie if this condition is met

Christoph Waltz will return as the iconic villain Blofeld if Daniel Craig returns as well.

And not only in one movie but two.

The Oscar-winning actor was widely praised for his turn as Blofeld in Spectre, giving the character a sinister performance and close backstory to 007.


A source told the Daily Star: ‘Christoph could make a brilliant ongoing man for Bond to battle like in the old days.

‘But the important clincher of it is that Blofeld can only work with Daniel back in the role to keep continuity.’

A return of the character mirrors the villain as he was in the Sean Connery era who showed up as the mysterious No.1 of Spectre in the shadows, frequently seen killing off his henchmen who failed to kill James Bond.

He became the main bad guy in You Only Live Twice (1967), On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (1969) and Diamonds are Forever in (1971) and made a bizzare appearance in the opening of Roger Moore’s For Your Eyes Only (1981).

In all these 007 outings Ernst Stavro Blofeld was played by a different actors, the most iconic being You Only Live Twice’s Donald Pleasence who replaced Czech actor Jan Werich, who was deemed not to be menacing enough.


The idea was that the white cat holding super villian had plastic surgery to legitimise his continual changes in looks and accent. You could say this is ironic as such an explanation is never described about 007’s change in actor.

This would be the first time that Blofeld would be played consistently by the same actor.

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