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Christmas Trees Around The Globe – In Pictures

The holidays are upon us which means cities around the world are getting their festive freak on!


Maybe you love the look of New York or London? Maybe the sparkle of Paris? Here are our top picks from around the world.




Andrea Pucci via Flickr

London’s Trafalgar Square illuminated by the capital’s giant Christmas tree.


New York City

Luke Abrahams via Flickr

The lighting of the Rockefeller Christmas tree in New York was a typically extravagant affair.


Prague, Czech Republic 

Via Reuters

The City’s giant Christmas tree was switched on in the city’s beautiful UNESCO-listed Old Town Square.


Washington, D.C.

Yohsuke Ikebuchi via Flickr

The US Capitol illuminated by the city’s multicoloured tree.


Rakvere, Estonia

Rakvere goes all out with a modern Christmas tree made entirely from stained glass.


Budapest, Hungary 

Budapest’s mesmerising Christmas tree in front of the Basilica of St. Stephen.


Melbourne, Australia 

Melbourne’s spectacular Lego Christmas tree delighted huge crowds in the city centre.


Vilnius, Lithuania 

Vilnius’s stunning Christmas tree house has been voted one of the best in Europe.


San Francisco, USA

San Francisco’s Union Square is transformed by a gigantic Christmas tree.


Madrid, Spain

This huge illuminating Christmas tree in Madrid’s city centre is decorated in gold and red. It will be lit until 6 January when the Spaniards celebrate Dia De Los Reyes Magos, which marks the last day of Christmas.


Paris, France

Via AP

Paris decided to go upside down this year with this staggeringly beautiful tree in the Galeries Lafayette


Rome, Italy 

Rome’s Christmas tree giving the Colosseum some much needed Christmas bling.

-Luke Abrahams

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