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Christmas Spirit: Hope, Love & Faith

Today’s post was written by my good friend, Krista.  I couldn’t have written a better testimonial on Christmas Spirit.

When someone asks what I got for Christmas this year, my response will be, “We received… HOPE”.

On September 14, 2015 my husband and our son were involved in a motor vehicle accident that totaled our truck, our only vehicle. The accident has left my husband of only 42 with a severe brain injury and our 14 year old son in need of physical therapy.


So many questions run through your mind in a split second. “We have no financial reserve, how are we going to survive? How are we going to pay for gas to get to the multiple doctor appointments, tests and therapies EVERY day? I have my own medical issues making tasks difficult. How will I take care of THEM?

We’ve always been financially strapped, but we managed to get by. When devastation hits, the impact to a family can be life changing.

I then, had to add on the realization, that Christmas is right around the corner. Some might say, well Christmas isn’t going to happen this year; it’ll have to be just be another day. For our family that was never the case, not even in hard times. Like other families in hard times, our son doesn’t get new shoes as soon as the old ones are worn out, he has to wait for Christmas. But this year, even new shoes weren’t going to happen.

We were emotionally, physically and spiritually depleted… then a miracle happened! An old childhood friend reached out and offered to make Christmas possible!! WHAT?? (I couldn’t catch my breath) HOW?

I literally sat in a doctor’s office waiting room, with tears streaming down my face. Her only request… “to not give up fighting for your family.” You might think, oh how sweet, her friend got them toys, etc. Not even close.

My old friend gave me the biggest gift of all. The Gift of Giving.

You see, I didn’t want anything that came in a pretty box. As a mother I was heartbroken because I couldn’t GIVE. My soul yearned, more this year than any other, to bringing a smile to my son’s face.

My dear friend enabled my family to forget all the problems that we are facing. Then an amazing thing started to happen. I sat back and realized, it’s not just for one morning. This feeling is having a chain reaction. I’m feeling more positive. In turn my husband is more positive, even giving that little extra during therapy!!! OUR SPIRIT HAS BEEN LIFTED. When your spirit is lifted you start to see possibilities in your future.

So when someone asks what I got for Christmas this year, my response will be- “We received… HOPE”. -Krista

Stories of rising above the past and creating an amazing future is not just for this time of year. It is a gift you should unwrap every day. It’s a courage that sets inside of you and ignites a flame to live your life. You get the chance to grow again and become a stronger person even if it hurt along the way! Keep Hope,Love & Faith in others alive!


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