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China rocked as explosion rips through chemical factory

A massive explosion has torn through a chemical factory in the City of Dongying. On Monday 31 August at 11.22pm local time, flames and smoke could be seen escaping the factory, which was located in the industrial zone of Lijin, Dongying City, in Shandong.

A single blast tore through the chemical plants according to reports from local state radio. The Dongying News Website, which is run by Dongying city government, reported that the fire was brought under control approximately five hours after the initial explosion.

Dongying News further went on to state that the explosion is under investigation and that six executives of the company that currently runs the factory, Shandong Binyuan Chemical, have been detained. As of yet no-one from the company has spoken out on the incident.


The company, which is located in the Lijin Binhai Economic and Technological Development zone, states on it’s website that annually, it has the capacity to produce 20,000 tons of adhesive materials.

Shortly after reports, videos of an explosion began circulating, working their way through numerous social media platforms, but on further inspection it was revealed that the viral videos were actually from a previous explosion that took place two weeks ago.

As of yet, not many details have been revealed, with the extent of injuries and fatalities still unclear. CNBC have reported that the explosion has left one dead.

This explosion comes a mere fortnight after another huge explosion ( the source of the viral videos) in China that left hundreds injured and many dead. The official death toll was well over a hundred with at least 158 killed by the blast, many of whom were firefighters.

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