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Cheesy 90’s Pop music VS the Trashy 2000’s

We all have in mind a song from the 90’s. Whether it is from the Spice Girls or Take That, there is definitely a tune that you can never forget and which spiced up your life. I have been thinking about the spark that we used to have listening to these old cheesy and catchy songs. Do we really feel the same about contemporary artists today? Besides the musical aspect, singers like the Spice Girls used to stand up for fun and good values towards women. I have been focusing on the female status and not so much about the quality of music which could split the two decades apart. What about now? Can we really say that artists like Nicki Minaj or Miley Cirus show positive standards for women? Is it a threat or even a danger for teenagers who might see them as role models?




Without saying this used to be better before, we can acknowledge that today’s music does show women at their best. The subtle sexy attitude has turned into an outrageous sexual one with no boundary. Even Madonna who was far from acting like a virgin in the 90’s seems also to follow this current trash attitude in her last video clip ‘Bitch, I’m Madonna’ in which you can see the 58 year old singer behaving more like a wild animal than a feminist. When can we say that artist really cross the line?



When we go backwards, popstars used to be indeed very sexy, they behaved in a cheeky way showing an image of a confident and assertive women without the need to use strong language and open sexual behavior as an attractive asset.

What about you? Do you also think that the standards have drastically gone down or do you prefer this current image which matches more with the contemporary society? Please share your opinions.


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