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(Image by David Degner; Twitter)

Car bomb explodes near Italian consulate in Cairo

A bomb was set off on Saturday morning near the Italian consulate, killing one person and causing large damage, including to the consulate building.

Another four people have been injured, according to medical officials.

None of the victims are of Italian nationality, said Italy’s Foreign Minister Paolo Gentiloni. Damage has been done to the façade of the building and to underground water pipes, causing the area to flood.


Gentiloni has posted the news on Twitter, concluding with “Italy will not be intimidated”.

It cannot be confirmed that the consulate was the main target for the bombing. No group has yet claimed responsibility for the attack.

This bombing follows a series of attacks in Egypt. Two weeks ago, a car bomb killed Egypt’s top public prosecutor, Hisham Barakat. Mr Barakat had been responsible for bringing hundreds of Islamist to trial, a contentious procedure since the banning of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.

Attacks against tourism targets are also feared to increase, following a suicide attack near an ancient temple in Luxor last month.

Egypt’s current government under President al-Sisi overthrew the democratically elected Muslim Brotherhood in 2013, resulting in protests among Egyptians. Western governments have however increasingly voiced their support for al-Sisi, hoping his government will provide a stable ally in the fight against Islamist insurgents.


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