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Cape Town’s Best Breakfasts

Cape Town, South Africa, is a food lover’s dream city. With its mélange of cultures and people, there are so many options to choose from.

Warm weather and a temperate climate make it an easy place to be healthy – many activities on offer are centred around being outside and active. Early morning hikes, surfs and runs are popular, which more often than not leads to breakfast out. It’s no surprise then that Cape Town has so many great breakfast places. Here’s a few to get you started when visiting South Africa’s mother city:


Located in the heart of the city, Melissa’s is a local favourite. Varied and delicious breakfast options are complemented with great coffee, good people watching and fast wifi. In a country where internet speeds can be incredibly slow, this is a bonus.


A breakfast chain across Cape Town, nü is all about health. With their extensive juice menu and array of healthy eating options – think quinoa bircher muesli and gluten free banana bread – nü is a great post morning workout stop.



A cafe in the centre of Cape Town’s hipster hangout, the Woodstock Exchange, Superette serves good food in a fun and young atmosphere. Dishes such as homemade baked beans are served with fancy looking juices in test tubes. Grab a cupcake to go and spend the rest of the morning wandering through Woodstock’s shops.


Saucisse Boutique Deli

Another Woodstock favourite, this deli is located in The Old Biscuit Mill. This mill-turned shopping destination is popular for it’s alternative and interesting shops and this deli is a great spot for breakfast. Stick to the healthy option with a vegan bowl or try their not so healthy but extremely delicious breakfast sandwhich. Order a coffee from the Espresso Lab Microroasters next door and they’ll bring it right to your table.


Olympia Cafe

Take a drive out to Kalk Bay and have a break from city life in this picturesque bay. Order the breakfast croissant and a hot milo before walking along the high street and looking in the vintage clothes shops that make Kalk Bay famous.




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