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Can scientists predict top models?

Have you ever wondered if it’s really possible to predict the future? Well, it seems like scientists can now tell us who are going to be the next successful fashion models just by looking at their social media presence.

Researchers from the Indiana University have studied a group of 400 models from the database Fashion Model Directory since New York Fashion Week in September 2014, analysing hair and eye colour, measurements, height, modeling agency and runways walked. In addition, they checked their Instagram accounts, predicting that who has more followers, posts and likes, has a higher chance to become the next Kendall Jenner.

According to Yahoo Style, computer scientist Emilio Ferrara, who works at the University of Southern California, said: ‘ Our analysis suggests that Instagram is as important as being cast by a top agency in terms of its ability to predict success on the runway’. Giovanni Luca Ciampaglia, researcher at the Center for Complex Networks and Systems Research at IU added: ‘Traditionally, models don’t interact with consumers; but now their online activity plays an important role in popularity and, ultimately, success’.


Apart from social media, being represented by one of the top 20 modeling agencies has a positive impact on a model’s career, as well as being tall and slender.

After narrowing the selection, these are the six girls scientists predict will become the next top models from next season:


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