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David Cameron and Barack Obama at G8 summit in 2013

Cameron: UK will “do more” to help US destroy ISIS

Prime Minister David Cameron has told US television channel NBC that he wishes to increase assistance to the US in their fight against Islamic State, or ISIS, militants in Iraq and Syria.

He cautioned however that he would have to “always take parliament with him”. UK Parliament had voted against military action in Syria in 2013.

Britain already participates in the coalition airstrikes against the Islamic State in northern Iraq. Involvement in Syria is limited to intelligence gathering.


Cameron’s statement has increased suspicion that the issue will be revisited in parliament. Government sources told Reuters that this was most likely to occur after the Labour Party, Cameron’s main opposition party, elected its new leader in September.

The killings of 30 British tourists in June by Islamic State affiliates in Tunisia has had an impact on MPs’ positions on counter-terrorism issues. After the House of Commons observed a minute’s silence in the wake of the attack, Prime Minister Cameron reminded parliament that ISIS had to be “crushed” in both Iraq and Syria.

Former Head of the Royal Navy and Security Minister, Lord West of Spithead, said that parliament was not going to “do attacks into Syria unless something specific happened – an atrocity or something”, according to the Independent.

Cameron is expected to hold a speech on Monday  on how to address radicalisation and extremism.

The interview on NBC’s show “Meet the Press” focused on Cameron’s support for the new nuclear deal with Iran and mentioned Syria only on the side.


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