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Cameron: seven attacks foiled in six months

Speaking at the G20 summit in Turkey, British Prime Minister David Cameron has revealed that UK intelligence services have stopped seven attacks from taking place on British soil in the past six months of this year.

Cameron stated that the planned attacks were on a smaller scale than the terrorist attacks in Paris but said that similar events could have taken place in the UK and that the Paris attacks were the “sort of thing that we were warned about” He also added: “We should be clear that those attacks could have happened in Belgium, it could have happened in Denmark, it could have happened in Sweden, it could happen here. It was similar but different and what it meant was that we spent a lot of time working out how to respond to this kind of attack: working with security services, with police, with other emergency services, potentially involving armed forces and special services. But whenever anything like this happens you have to go right back to the drawing board and look at what happened and how many people were involved and how many locations were involved and what more steps you need to take to try to keep yourself safe.”

World leaders who have currently congregated in Turkey for the G20 summit have unsurprisingly been discussing the events that took place in Paris on Friday night. In the light of the Paris attacks, David Cameron has revealed plans to boost security and increase spending to improve and add numbers to the UK intelligence services and boost aviation safety to tackle the looming terrorism threat.


A security level that is already deemed to be ‘severe’ has intensified in the spate of the Paris attacks. Cameron is set to make provisions for 1,900 additional security and intelligence staff and will double funds to improve aviation safety and security.  A statement from the government has said that aviation security experts will “provide regular assessments of security at airports around the world and with the capacity to surge as necessary in response to an incident such as the MetroJet crash in Egypt.”

The new funding will be invested in agencies such as MI5 and MI6 and marks the biggest increase in British security spending since the 7/7 bombing in London 2005.The arrangements of these proposals are set to be formally announced in the five-year defence and security review due to be published next week.

Cameron said that it was important for us to “carry on with our lives” and a “step change” will take place in the UK’s approach to aviation security.

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