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Budget Travel Tips (Before You Leave)

Being able to afford a holiday doesn’t have to empty your bank account.  If you plan your travels carefully beforehand you can even increase the amount of times you travel in a year by following some simple budget travel tips.

Be Flexible: If you’re adaptable about when and where you travel, even by a few days, you could be saving yourself a small fortune whilst still being able to have a great holiday.  Whether you’re intending to travel by rail or air, it’s feasible to search when low-cost journeys are available and adjust your holiday plans accordingly.

Alternatively, if you decide you want to go to a particular country, then compare the prices of each major city and book the inexpensive option. Even when you’ve reserved your travel arrangements, there are still offers on hotels, car hire or entertainment deals to be found online.

Plan Ahead: Research the country you intend to visit; you might be able to afford the flight but can you afford the time you’re going to spend there?  If you want a European city break, it might be worth considering an Eastern European city where holiday expenses will be more economical than Milan or Paris.

Once you’ve chosen your destination, look for reduced offers for local transport in that area. Trains in London, for example, can be very expensive if you’re buying tickets on the day, but by planning ahead and booking your journey prior to leaving can save you a small fortune.

Spend time investigating tourist attractions; some of which are always free of charge but others might only be free on certain days of the week or month.  If there’s a sightseeing tour that doesn’t offer free entry look out for two for one offers. Likewise, theatre tickets, day trips and spa days can also be bought on the cheap if arranged in time.

Ask a Local: Using the internet to help you organize your travel arrangements is essential these days but once you have the logistics in place, utilize the web to network with locals from the area you intend to visit.  Logging on to forums and travel sites will provide you with valuable advice from local people in the know.



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