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Brussels terror alert level raised and maintained at higher level until further notice.

Brussels alert extended over ‘imminent threat’ after Paris attacks

Brussels will stay on level 4 of terror alert because of the “serious and imminent” threat of Paris-style attacks, Belgium’s prime minister Charles Michel said.

Mr. Michel said all universities, high institutes and schools would be closed on Monday. The metro would stay shut too.

Brussels has been on lockdown all weekend, amid a manhunt for suspected Paris attacker Salah Abdeslam.


Islamic State militants, some of them from Brussels, killed 130 people in Paris on 13 November. However after the 13rd November horrifying attacks in Paris, police and intelligence service had captured 5 suspected persons in the neighborhood of Molenbeek the next day. Eventually, all were released as they were not directly involved in Paris attacks, an official source said.

On Sunday, Belgian Prim Minister said in Brussels that the authorities fear “an attack similar to the one in Paris, with several individuals who could also possibly launch several attacks at the same time in multiple locations”.

The highest level of terror alert is maintained to 4 due to the imminence of the potential attacks.

Security forces carried out several operations in Brussels on Sunday night. Police have asked the public and the press not to report their activities on social media.

After a weekend during which European Capital’s streets were abandoned, Brussels will “play dead” for a few more days until further notice.

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