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British Vogue launches new series starring model Camille Rowe

British Vogue has teamed up with Franco-American model Camille Rowe for a new series focusing on the concept of ‘wellness’.

The concept of wellness has scratched its way to the mainstream in the past 10 years and there is no denial that feeling good and happy is now something individuals chase through eating, exercising and more. But how could we really explain this concept of ‘wellness’?

British Vogue and model Camille Rowe have paired together to bring us answers to our questions and to try and define what ‘wellness’ really is. The model will be meeting nurses, scientists, psychologists and will be trying to enlighten us on this concept and its importance in today’s societies.

The model now based in LA where the series was filmed will take us through her own journey from living a party lifestyle in New York to drinking green juice on a daily basis in the city of angels.

To be updated on the latest episodes on the series, you will have to subscribe to British Vogue Youtube chanel.

Watch the trailer here:


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