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DNA tests proved the newborn that they brought home was not theirs. Courtesy of

British father reunited with baby son after he was ‘Swapped’ at birth

A couple have been reunited with the newborn son, after DNA tests confirmed that the child they brought home was not theirs.

Richard Cushworth and his wife Mercedes Casanellas were left suspicious that their child had been switched, as the child they had been given had darker skin. Fearing the worst, they were scared that their child would be exchanged and sold to human traffickers.

The British man and his wife who live in the United States, had travelled to Ms Casanellas’ native country of El Salvador for the baby’s delivery. It was only when she returned to the couples home in Dallas, Texas, that she noticed that the newborns features differed greatly from that of the boys she was originally handed on the day of birth in May. As well as the couple having doubts their families were also dubious.


The pair, who are both missionaries working in El Salvador, returned to the country after a DNA showed that their suspicions were correct, and the boy was not their biological son.

The couple publicly pleaded for the return of their child, fearing that their he’d been sold to traffickers. Investigators found eventually found their son by ordering new mothers to have their newborns DNA tested.

Their doctor, Dr Alejandro Guidos who was arrested and appeared in court has insisted he is innocent. He is currently released on bail.

The scenes in the courthouse were chaotic as Ms Casanella reached out and grabbed the sheet that was covering the doctors head, shouting “”Where is my son, doctor? Where is my son?”

Mr Cushworth said : “God has given us this child and somehow, somebody has taken him from us, and we want him back.

“It’s a horrible situation for me, for her (his wife), for my family, her family… A child is an experience you have for a lifetime. They give you grandchildren. I mean, this is a life-long injury that’s very, very deep and it’s horrible.”

The couple’s lawyer, Francsico Meneses, has stated that it is important the truth comes out, saying “We don’t have anything against the people who were involved during the [newborns] birth, but we want all these people to put their hands on their hearts because from the doctor who performed the surgery, the pediatrician, anesthesiologist, and the two nurses who were in the delivery room, it’s very important for them to tell us what happened… Also, the people who received the child in nursery.”

Later on the couple were finally reunited with their real, biological son. Shortly after the parents were reunited with their child they told a news conference that they would continue to raise the other baby boy as their own.

Speaking to the Daily Mail UK, the baby’s grandfather, David Cushamn said “We have our grandson – and he looks like his father.”

El Salvador’s society of gynecology and obstetrics have defended Dr Alejandro Guidos, arguing that he could not possibly have been involved in the exchange of the child, as he would have handed over the newborn to a pediatrician as well as nurses almost immediately after the birth.

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