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Brie Larson. Photo: Magnus Sundholm for the HFPA.

Brie Larson Eyed For Captain Marvel

There’s a lot of pressure on Captain Marvel. The film signifies the first female lead superhero film produced by Marvel Studios and the first solo female entry into a Marvel Cinematic Universe that is somewhat better defined as a complete sausage fest, with Marvel Studios taking a (long overdue) risk in an industry that has long shunned female driven projects. And its not just Disney and Marvel’s money that is being put on the line, we, as an audience, should be completely invested in the success of Captain Marvel with big Hollywood studios unlikely to be willing to invest in future female superhero films if Captain Marvel doesn’t do quite as well as its male counterparts. What I’m saying is; we’ve all got a stake in this one.

And it seems that we have got off to a great start, with Variety reporting that Brie Larson and Marvel are in early negotiations to play the titular Carol Danvers, as well as divulging that Larson is Marvel’s first choice to lead the MCU’s first female solo movie. Larson is a fantastically talented actress, who boasts a hearty filmography for someone as young as 26 years old, even picking up a Best Actress Academy Award earlier this year for her turn as ‘Ma’ in the brilliant (yet harrowing) Room. In terms of Marvel’s guidelines for creating fun, family friendly movies, Larson is perfect. Not only has she shown her range throughout her career, popping up in everything from comedies to crime dramas, but Larson also exudes effortless charm and likability, which is absolutely essential when building a franchise around such an iconic and popular character.

Picture - Hollywood Reporter

Picture – Hollywood Reporter

Marvel have declined to comment thus far on the disclosed talks with Larson, and the sources haven’t confirmed how developed the negotiations are between the two parties but this is the first solid report we’ve had on casting for the film, scheduled for release in 2019. At this moment, there is no director on board but there is the suggestion that Marvel are keen to get casting wrapped up early, and potentially introduce the character into the Marvel Cinematic Universe before her solo outing in three years time, à la Spider-Man and Black Panther in Captain America: Civil War. Actresses previous linked with the role of Captain Marvel include Emily Blunt and Charlize Theron, with Larson signifying a younger incarnation of the character, implying Marvel’s confidence in the character’s long cinematic future.

For those unversed in the comics, Captain Marvel is Carol Danvers, formerly known as Ms. Marvel until she took up the captain mantle in 2012, an officer in the United States Air Force who is imbued with extreme power when she is caught in an explosion of an alien device. The character has a long and rich history within Marvel comics, and is widely regarded as Marvel’s biggest female superhero, being seen as a feminist icon for many, with both Marvel and her alter-ego Danvers, serving as a strong role model for young comic book readers everywhere. There is no better choice in character to lead the first MCU female solo film, and hopefully cement Captain Marvel’s popularity as well as opening the floodgates to a wealth of fantastic female superhero film adaptations, Marvel and beyond.

Picture - Marvel

Picture – Marvel

But first, we look to see what DC and Warner Bros can do with Wonder Woman, due out next year, and whether Gal Gadot can help build the foundations for future cinematic female superheroes in a similar manner. The ball is in your court, Warner Bros.

Don’t mess it up.

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