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Breaking: Warrant Issued for Mohamed Abrini

Belgium authorities issued an arrest warrant today for 30-year-old Mohamed Abrini who was seen driving a car with fugitive Salah Abdeslam two days before the terrorist attack in Paris.

Abdeslam is one of three brothers suspected in the Paris attacks. One brother was killed according to Belgian Police.   Salah Abdeslam was questioned by French police earlier but was released. His whereabouts are now unknown.

Abrini was seen in security footage at a fuel station on November 11, according to MSN News.  Abrini was driving a Renault Clio which was used in the Paris attacks.


German police also carried out searches of rural areas where Abrini may have been seen.

An unnamed suspect was also arrested Sunday night on suspicion of participating in activities of a terrorist group and murders, according to federal prosecutors in Belgium.

An ongoing hostage situation in Roubaix does not appear to be related to the terrorist attacks in Paris.

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