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Breaking: Suspect of French attacks, Salah Abdeslam arrested

Police have arrested Salah Abdeslam, a suspect in the Paris attacks believed to have gone on the run, in the Belgian suburb of Molenbeek according to the Belgian broadcaster RTL. Sources are conflicted.

Police carried out the raid this morning.

Witnesses at the scene described hearing loud explosions followed by orders given by police on a loudspeaker.


The Guardian’s Europe environment editor Arthur Neslen has news of a suspect package in central Brussels near the Guardian offices.

Bomb disposal officers are defusing a suspect package in a car in central Brussels, about 1km from the European Commission headquarters.
Le Soir reports that police have cordoned off an area around Arts-Loi metro station, on the intersection between Rue des deux Eglises and Rue Joseph II, the street where the Guardian’s Brussels offices is based.

Eyewitness say that the suspect vehicle has a French license plate.

A robotic device has been deployed to neutralise the suspected package.

Two loud bangs, which may have been explosions, were reportedly heard before noon, although these were reportedly related to attempts to open the car door.

A third loud bang was audible further up the street at approximately 12.45 CET.

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