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One shot dead and one female suicide bomber blows self up in Paris counter terrorist raid by 100 armed police

A female terrorist who was wearing a suicide belt has blown herself up and another jihadi has been shot dead in a counter terrorist raid in Paris.

More than 100 police and soldiers were today involved in a gunfight with six suspected Paris terrorists.


The suicide bomber detonated her explosive vest during the raid, killing herself and seriously injuring five police officers, a firefighter, and killing a police dog named Diesel.

Assault and dogs for explosives : indispensable in the missions of operators

Unconfirmed reports say at least one suspect remains at large.

BBC reports:

Roads are blocked off around Rue de la Republique in Saint Denis, in the same district as the Stade de France where suicide attackers detonated bombs on Friday.

Soldiers have joined armed police at the scene. AFP news agency quotes police as saying the operation, which began at 04:20 local time (03.20 GMT), is now over.

“I’ve been hearing gunshots continuously, like fireworks… There have been some breaks but… to me it sounds like continuous gunshots,” one resident, Benson Hoi, told the BBC earlier.



  • The Police raid begins at 4.20am local time in a residential area of Saint Denis, Paris
  • Hundreds of armed police and even soldiers go into the area
  • Several explosions are heard around 7pm, however it was unknown if these were set of by police or the terrorists
  • Woman suicide bomber in suicide belt blew herself up at the start of the operation, injuring police officers and killing a police dog
  • Seven suspects have been arrested by police. Three were arrested inside the apartment and two outside, one man and one woman.
  • Police were hunting Paris attack mastermind and chief suspect Abdelhamid Abaaoud
  • The siege continues, with police surrounding the building.

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