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Book review – Harry Potter and the Cursed Child – Parts 1 and 2

Even for a writer such as me, it is quite hard to put down in words, the myriad of emotions that I felt after reading this book. Amongst all of them though , one feeling tops the list – that of wanting more! More of Harry, more of Albus and in short, more of the magical world of Hogwarts. And for a crazed Potter fan such as me (think ‘cape-wearing wand yielding’ type with an undying love for Sirius Black) , it is quite hard to give an unbiased review. However, here’s me genuinely attempting to do it anyway – WITHOUT giving out any spoilers!

Let’s begin with the book in itself, it is in a script format which takes quite some getting used to. However, once the initial hiccup subsides and the reader adjusts, the storyline is captivating. The actual story however, much to my disappointment, was more Chamber of Secrets than Deathly Hallows. I’ll let the readers decide the truth of this statement after reading the book.

As we expected, the story begins where the last one ends. Nineteen years later – With Albus (Harry’s son) joining Hogwarts and his growing concern over being sorted into Slytherin house, quite a shift from his family’s legacy. What follows is young Albus’s foray into the world of magic, his choice of friends and his relationship with his ever famous father which seems to have a rather compelling effect on his decisions.


Time flies, only this time in both directions , with the weight of the past and Harry’s decisions being highlighted in this book.The past and the present are intricately woven, jumping from one act to another, allowing readers very little time to adjust and makes for a rather curious read, raising more questions than provide a fitting end to this much loved classic.

Whilst the writers have created a striking story with Harry and his son forming the crux, I felt there could have been a little more emphasis on the supporting characters, those that we have come to love and hate in the last 7 installments. There is no Harry without his well-wishers afterall! The book seems to have been published in somewhat of a hurry with the only the play in mind and it is far from being considered whole. A not so deserving finale for those of us who have grown up with Harry Potter.

Whilst I eagerly await to watch the play and although JK Rowling has definitely said that this is the end, the crazed Potter fan in me hopes for more – as this is definitely not enough………








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