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Bobbi Kristina Brown, daughter of Whitney Houston, dies age 22

Bobbi Kristina Brown dies, age 22, after being put in an induced coma when she was found face down in a bath in January this year.

The aspiring singer was transferred to Georgia facility on 24th June and passed away at Peachtree Christian Hospice three years after her mother, Whitney Houston, died in a Beverly Hills hotel also in a bath.

Authorities are allegedly treating Bobbi Kristina’s death as a murder case due to the bruises found on her body and face, swollen lips and a missing tooth.


On Sunday evening Nick Gordon, her boyfriend, was banned from visiting his girlfriend by the Brown and Houston families because he was ‘out of control with regret and sadness’ after learning of her death.

Boyfriend, Nick, has been named as a figure of interest in the investigation.

An anonymous source has told that ‘Nick is on suicide watch. He keeps saying that if only [Bobbi Kristina] had heard his voice, things would have been different. She may have lived.’

Nick is also subject to a $10million law suit after claiming that he attacked her in January and claims that they were in fact married.

Bobbi Kristina was the sole heir to her late mother’s fortune, estimated at around $20million.

An autopsy on Bobbi Kristina’s body will take place over the next few days to confirm the details of what time she died and whether it mirrors the same ‘accidental’ drowning that her mother endured, or if the classification of a murder case has been justified.

The Houston family said in a statement that she is ‘now finally at peace in the arms of God’, whilst her father, Bobby Brown, said that ‘she is in a better place now’ in an emotional response to her death.


By Francesca Stainer

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