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Singer Morrissey [email protected]

Bigmouth strikes again

Ex Smiths frontman Morrissey has once again appeared in the controversial limelight in a recent interview he gave to news.com.au.

The singer songwriter known for his poignant and brutal lyric style has commented on the recently elected Mayor of London Mr Sadiq Khan declaring the following  statement: “The Mayor was eventually elected on very few votes, and of course he eats Halal butchered beings, and talks so quickly that people can’t understand him… and that suits the British media perfectly.”

London Mayor Sadiq Khan credit@telegraph.co.uk

London Mayor Sadiq Khan [email protected]

This statement appears to be highly controversial and to repeat the racist accusations the ex Smiths singer once had to deal with when he described the British identity as being non-existent anymore.

Morrissey achieved an iconic status with Manchester band The Smiths in the 80’s and embarked on a solo career when the band split.

He is reknowned to be an animal lover and an activist which might explain the controversial statements he comes up with when he is asked to express his thoughts on animal eaters.

The Manchester icon is set to be performing on the 20th of August in his beloved hometown , tickets sold out on the same day which proves the controversial figure definitely has a strong and committed fan base.

Watch Morrissey perform ‘Suedehead’:

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