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Best pets for working people

Choosing a pet is a decision often influenced by the lifestyle one leads. Although day to day commitments make the idea of having one seem difficult, many people would still love to and it is just a matter of finding the right one so that both owner and pet are happy.

Those who have even the busiest schedules like to have pets. The first questions that need to be asked are ones such as what are you willing to provide for it. After all it is a responsibility as well as enjoyment. How much space do you have and is it allowed to have a pet where you live?

The most important thing to bear in mind is that if you are not going to be home much, a pet that is more independent or self sufficient would be better. Apart from the fact that leaving a pet at home on its own for a long time just doesn’t seem right, it might be an annoyance if the pet makes noise and you happen to live in very close proximity to your neighbours.


That being said, here are some suggestions for some great pets that might be suitable for those with busier schedules!



In general, dogs are ok if you are willing to bend your lifestyle and make some sacrifices such as, not going out after work and increasing your exercise level! Dogs are not domestic creatures by nature and require regular walking and interaction. If the dog is to experience your home as a loving place, and not a prison, then it is best to put thought in to which breed might be best. The greyhound is more likely to feel content with a more peaceful, slower pace lifestyle. Other breeds worth considering are: basset hound, chihuahua and maltese.
As a side note, puppies are not a good idea for working individuals.



Cats make some of the loveliest (and funniest) pets that it would be a shame to turn down the opportunity of having because of work commitments. It has been said that cats are a good option for a busy person as they “wouldn’t notice you’re gone!” However, this is really quite unfair. Cats are simply very independent. But, because of this they are a great choice for working people. I would venture to say that they are the best pet for those who cannot be there in the day but want to interact with their pet in the evenings. Provided that food is left for them, you are basically fit to go! They are extremely sweet and have funny characters. Enjoy your pet.



Fish are a very independent pet to have. However having been researching this topic after deciding that they are the only pet I can have right now, it can be said that they do require significant responsibility such as: 1) ensuring you have the right fish tank with all the right equipment. 2) The right quality of water and a consistent temperature. 3) Appropriate decoration. Other things to bear in mind are that the water needs to be changed, the size of the tank needs to provide enough space for the fish (no, a goldfish cannot live in a bowl..) and the temperature of the room needs to be consistent – a sudden fall or rise is experienced as a shock by the fish. Provided all of this is taken care of, fish are beautiful and sweet pets. There is just something so tropical and appealing about them.



If you are lucky enough to have a garden then rabbits are a wonderful choice of pet as they are kind and loving creatures with playful characters. Rabbits are notoriously cute and hardly anyone can resist them. Although they do not make any noise and can be left on their own, they are messy and like to move around (a lot). They need lots of room and lots of hay. Before you purchase a rabbit it is best to learn all you can about the preparations required as well as ensure that you really do have enough space for it.



These birds definitely have personality, although it might be less well known that there are a variety of breeds and some that talk more clearly (and more) than others. They do like attention, so one does need a reasonable amount of time to devote to them. Different types are the African grey, cocaktiel and budgie. As they can make a lot of noise, more space is required for them. They probably are not to everyone’s taste as a pet that they would like to have, but they are definitely interesting and unique!



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