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BBC’s Casualty Highlights Huntington’s

The introduction of Emilie Groome to BBC’s Casualty in December 2015 has opened up a Pandora’s box for her sons, E.D. doctors Cal and Ethan.

Not only were the boys unaware of the reasons that they left their mother when they were babies, they were also in the dark about the fact that their estranged mother has Huntington’s Disease. There is a fifty percent chance that the boys have inherited this, and there’s a myriad of emotions to be dealt with. It also raises questions for Cal when his hands appear to be starting to betray him. Will he take the genetics testing route?

There will surely be a fall out following last Saturday’s episode which saw Emilie appear in the E.D. having burned herself. She had also engineered a way to meet Ethan (she had only met Cal previously, during a visit to her home with Charlie Fairhead). Additionally, Carol Royle’s portrayal of the regretful mother has sent fans into a quandary as to whether the actress truly suffers from the disease herself, which is the best possible appraisal of an actor’s performance!

Well done Casualty for putting a disease under the spotlight which is topical in the world of medicine given that there is regular progress  in genetics testing. The show should also be commended for putting the story line into the hands of exceedingly capable actors who are engaging the fans.

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