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Few games have got me and many others as excited as the new game in the Battlefield group have. Battlefield 1 is the new game, and doing something completely original which games recently haven’t done.

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At a time when Call of Duty is starting to stagnate, with the latest idea setting the game in space, and having yet another round of Nazi Zombies, it’s time the multiplayer first person shooter games improved.


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Battlefield finally puts players in real life situations which have happened in the past: using World War 1 as the concept of the game is a masterstroke, especially given that it was 102 years ago since the beginning of the war. It’s the first World War 1 game published by Electronic Arts since 1994’s Wings of Glory. Judging by it’s popularity and reviews, it’s been well worth the wait. IGN rated it 9/10 and Metacritic 88/100, showing just how good this game is.

In the game, you are able to play as an assault soldier, medic, support and scout, as well as use vehicles such as a tank, pilot and cavalry (something which Call of Duty really seems to miss out on). There’s no better feeling than having your squad on multiplayer in your tank as you go round and create havoc. The multiplayer uses historical battles that took place in the war, and though it can take up to 40 minutes of your life, it is getting some of the objectives the allied forces would have looked for in the war.

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Whether its playing 40-64 player multiplayer, or playing the campaign mode, Battlefield definitely doesn’t lack it’s historical knowledge. The campaign itself features nods to the Harlem Hellfighters, Battle of Cambria in the Hundred Day’s Offensive, the battle in Dolomites in 1918, the German Zeppelin attacks, the Gallipoli campaign and the Battle for the Ottoman Empire in Spring 1918. Unlike Call of Duty, using these real life events are a lot more effective than having battles in Space which haven’t happened yet.

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World War 1 was meant to be the war that ended all wars, but ended up being a massive bloodbath, ending lots of lives prematurely. One quote within the game mentions how one of the many battles during the war, was so loud that it was heard all the way in London from the Belgian fields, which gives you an idea of how big this was. It’s little nuggets of knowledge like that, which make this game excellent (as well as the brilliant gameplay and graphics of course). Unlike the Call of Duty franchise, this focuses on things that have happened, using weapons that our forefathers would have used: there are no ray guns or plasma blasters, but instead normal Bayonets, shotguns, and even clubs, spades and swords.

Given that, is it time that more games should be using real life events as their influence? The Battlefield Beta got people very excited, so much so that the servers regularly crashed and struggled with the amount of people playing. I myself prefer this more than the most recent FIFA, so is it time games become more original?


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