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Image courtesy of Warner Bros

Batman vs Superman Set For Huge Opening Weekend

In case you (somehow) hadn’t heard, the two titans of comic books are making their first on-screen appearance together at the end of the month in Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice. Overlong and unnecessary title aside, this is arguably the most anticipated film of the year, and early tracking has predicted that Dawn of Justice will earn a whopping $140 million in its domestic opening weekend at the box office.

Image Courtesy of Warner Bros.

Image Courtesy of Warner Bros.

If these predictions are correct, it would put Batman vs Superman amongst the highest grossing domestic opening weekends for comic book movies, beating out Spider-Man but not quite topping Iron Man 3, a film that benefitted hugely from being the first film to follow The Avengers titanic success. These predictions are even more favourable than Warner Bros insiders had anticipated who, according to The Wrap, had tracked a slightly more reserved $110 million.

A film built upon the shaky foundations of Man of Steel, Director Zack Snyder has faced an uphill battle to create buzz beyond the fact that its Batman and Superman fighting each other. There seemed to be fan backlash at every turn, from the casting of Ben Affleck and Jesse Eisenburg, to the poor marketing campaign that spoiled the inclusion of Doomsday as the final villain of the movie. It is kind of strange, I’ve never quite seen such a hotly anticipated film be criticised as much as Batman vs Superman in the run up to release.

Image Courtesy of Warner Bros

Image Courtesy of Warner Bros

The confirmation that both Cyborg and The Flash will also be appearing in the final cut is very cool, but does lend credit to the narrative that Batman vs Superman will be too bloated with huge characters vying for the limelight. Despite all the concern, I am still trying to keep positive about Dawn of Justice. After all, you can only judge a film by its final cut, and all the news surrounding production and trailers are just a fraction of what to expect when you sit down in the cinema.

Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice opens on the 25th March, directed by Zack Snyder and starring Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill, Jesse Eisenburg, Amy Adams, Laurence Fishburne and Holly Hunter.

I’ll see you there!

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