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'Donkey Documents', Image:

Banksy taken to the bank


Reported by the BBC, two pieces of street art believed to have been created by Bristol-based artist Banksy are to be auctioned in September.


One piece, located in Bethlehem, is entitled Donkey Documents and shows a donkey having its documents checked by a border soldier.

I Remember When All This Was Trees is the other Banksy-credited piece and is situated in Detroit.

'I Remember When This Was All Trees', Image:

‘I Remember When This Was All Trees’, Image:

The combined value of these pieces is believed to be as high as $1 million.

The auction house Julien refused to disclose who moved the second piece from its factory location in Detroit.

Banksy is known to disapprove of his pieces being taken from their original locations.

By Hal Breen

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