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Back in Black: A Black Superman Suit Hinting at a Major Story Arc for the Upcoming Justice League Movie

Recently on social media, Superman actor Henry Cavill shared a look at his new costume which is looking likely to be in the new Justice League movie. Cavill revealed a photo on Instagram teasing a black Superman suit which teases a major story arc from the DC comics.

So it seems that the Justice League will have some sort of adaption/portrayal from the famous The Death and Return of Superman, which was a story arc in the 9o’s. In the comics, Superman died after battling it out with Doomsday… sound familiar? After his death, there was a period in which four different protagonists ended up wearing the Superman colours. However, this was until the true Superman returned, dressed in black with a metallic S symbol on his chest.



Fast forward to the Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and we see part of this story come alive on the big screen. Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman are all locked into battle with Doomsday, finding no way in defeating the monster. In the end, Superman picks up the Kryptonite infused spear and sacrifices himself killing Doomsday in the process. With Batman and Wonder Woman seeing this valiant act, they decide to seek out other talented individuals to form the Justice League comprising of: Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Cyborg and Aquaman.



With all this said, we all know Superman isn’t permanently dead (as Cavill is already announced as a member of the Justice League cast), so what will Superman look like when he does eventually return for the Justice League?

In the comics, Superman came back as the ever-loving hero he was always known him to be. However, there’s that ideology of bad guys wearing black suits. I mean look at Spider-Man when the Venom symboite talk over his body, he weren’t exactly all too pleasant, then you have Venom himself, one of the scariest villains to step foot in the Spider-Man universe, all wearing black-suits. Also, there is a time were we saw a black-suited Superman being presented as a villain, In a 2013-2014 comic story-line, the villain Darkseid, who is to be rumoured as the big bad guy of the DC extended universe, ends up creating a clone of Superman who is seen wearing a black suit causing trouble until he is apparently killed off.

In the upcoming DC movies, there is still a possibility of Superman/Clark Kent being this bad guy; whether it be in the Justice League or another movie. During BvS there is a dream sequence/flash-forward (whatever you want to believe) showing a reality in which Superman is acting as a tyrant due to his emotional breakdown over the death of Lois Lane (Amy Adams)- this links to another story arc known as Injustice. Anyway, the reason why people believe this is a flash-forward is because of The Flash (Ezra Miller),  who is presumably coming back from the future, warning Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) that he was ‘always right’ about Superman and everyone should fear him. However with this being said, it doesn’t seem likely that Warner Bros. will  produce another civil war like plot again, however I wouldn’t be surprised if it does happen. But its most likely going to be Superman returning as a good or ‘goodish’ character, wearing nothing but black. Either way, we still have a bit of a wait as the Justice League movie is set for November 17th, 2017- here’s the most recent trailer for the Justice League       


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