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Battlefield 1

Few games have got me and many others as excited as the new game in the Battlefield group have. Battlefield 1 is the new game, and doing something completely original which games recently haven’t done.  Image from Youtube At a time when Call of Duty is starting to stagnate, with the latest idea setting the game in space, and having yet ...

Is Luke Cage The Hero We’ve Been Asking For?

Marvel fans around the globe have had a lot to shout about recently: a new Spider-Man joining the Avengers, Jon Berthnal finally doing the Punisher character some justice, but the news that got many excited was the potential for a Defenders TV series on Netflix in 2013. Since that date, we’ve had Charlie Cox boss it as Daredevil, a character ...

Did The Dark Knight Trilogy Set the Bar too High?

  In a recent twitter poll using the hashtag #fav7films, it’s of no surprise that Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight came out on top. In the poll, which consisted of almost 100,000 tweets, the Dark Knight was the top with 5,056, and it’s easy to see why. It’s a film which helped propel Christian Bale to the top, it made ...

Comic-con- Christmas for movie fans!


In what is the first part of a Union Time's Comic-con movie announcement special, this post will be looking at some of the great films revealed at 2016's San Diego Comic-con. As a Marvel and DC comics fan myself, the event is quite literally like waking up on Christmas morning, excited about the prospect of what could be unveiled.

Trailer from the Wonder Woman film, due to to be released in 2017, uploaded by Warner Bros

As a big comicbook movie fan, this weekend has been a really exciting one, and I have enjoyed seeing what is being released and by who. In Marvel comics corner, we have had the Doctor Strange trailer released, we have had cast confirmations for Black Panther, Spider-Man Homecoming, we have had plot details for Thor Ragnarok confirmed, Guardians of the Galaxy II has had a trailer released. On the TV side, we have had the release of the new X-Men spin-off Legion, as well as the re-imaging of Ghost Rider for Marvel's Agents of Shield.



Has Drake Taken One Dance Too Many?

Who else remembers rushing to Woolworths or HMV rushing to get hot new singles or CD’s, or listening to the radio on a Sunday afternoon to find out the UK number 1? To find out whether your favourite act had hung on for one more week to the number 1 spot, thus making them more popular. Well no longer do ...

Pokémon Go- Helping Us To Catch Them All

Who else remembers their mum telling them off on a nice day for playing games inside? Well Nintendo and Niantic Labs have taken gaming and virtual reality to the next level. For Nintendo, not only have they seen their stock shares rise, but broken the gaming world. No longer will gamers have to wear headsets to enjoy virtual reality: instead, ...

Euro 2016- The Tournament Where Football Won

As the dust finally settles on what came across as quite an underwhelming tournament in France, we can now look at how football finally won on the day. Before the tournament, much was made on the terrorism threat after the Paris attacks on the 13th November 2015, and although there were controlled explosions outside of the grounds, the terrorists didn’t ...

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