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10 tips to shape up for Summer!

It’s that time of year again when people are looking to shed pounds or just shape up in Summer. When you’re busy with studies, work and other commitments it can be hard to find anytime to dedicate to a gym routine. So, here are 10 tips I’d like to share with you to help you along in conjunction with your ...

Understanding Anxiety, an anonymous interview.

So this week, I interviewed a friend who suffers from anxiety, in the hope that I could understand the condition more and this article would hopefully help people who suffer from anxiety or think they might.   Q. What is anxiety? Well, there are loads of types but I seem to suffer from generalized anxiety and social anxiety. So basically ...

Prince, an icon who will truly be missed

Legendary musician, Prince passed away yesterday on April 21st, aged 57, at his Paisley Park recording studio. The singer best known for songs such as “Kiss”, “Little Red Corvette” and “Purple Rain”, famous for his eccentric dress sense as well as his endearing use of rock, funk and psychedelia, sold over 100 million records as a musician. It was supposed ...

The new GAP ad causing a racial stir

So GAP have released a new ad campaign as part of the promotion for the new girls collection in partnership with Ellen Degeneres' new lifestyle company 'ED'. The video features 3 caucasian girls and an African-American girl interacting with Ellen DeGeneres. Take a look at a picture from the campaign below...


Angry? Annoyed? Okay fair enough. She doesn't really say anything in the promotional video and the other girls seem a lot more involved and 'purposeful' in the ad so really why is there just a random African-American girl hanging out quietly. People are saying because the girl is so inactive she may just be 'filling a quota' so to speak and in the picture above the girl is being leaned on and so when you read into the details it does seem as though she is placed at a status of inferiority.

But seriously, let's just take a step back.

In previous campaigns Gap have presented an African-American girl leaning on a Caucasian and so what makes this reversal so bad? As an Indian I tried to imagine myse

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