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Chaos in Sharm el-Sheikh airport as British flights home are cancelled

In the aftermath of the devastating plane crash that claimed 224 lives on Saturday, thousands of British tourists have been stranded in Egypt after British airlines have cancelled flights too and from Sharm el-Sheikh

Pirate Bay Founder Finally Free After Three Years

After serving 3 years in prison for hacking and copyright offenses, founder of the illegal downloading website "Pirate Bay", Gottfrid Svartholm, has been released.

After initially being arrested in Thai city Phnom Penh, where Svartholm had been living for several years for his involvement in the Pirate Bay, a popular yet controversial site, Svartholm has been fighting off numerous cases that have been thrown at him.

His initial sentence of 1 year was then raised to 3 years, after he was found guilty of hacking, aggravated fraud and attempted aggravated fraud on places such as Nordea bank and IT company Logica. Due to the international backlash of these claims, the court in Sweden found Svarthold innocent of the Nordea bank hacking, however only reduced his sentence by a year for his alleged involvement in Logica.

Following this, he was then convicted of hacking offenses in Denmark, where he was sentenced to three and a half years.

Following his final term served in a Swedish prison, his mother confirmed his


Palestine Flag to fly at UN

In a vote that saw 119 UN members vote in favour and only 8 members voting against, it has been decided that the Palestinian flag is to fly at the United Nations headquarters.

City of Joso hit in Japan Floods

In the latest turn of the floods that have hit East Japan, the city of Joso has been hit by “unprecedented” rainfall. This has so far cause one death, twelve injuries and at least thousands of homes have been forced to evacuate.

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