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Remembrance Services Held Across Britain

Services have been held across the United Kingdom to mark Remembrance Sunday, honouring those who fought and died in World War One, World War Two and other armed conflicts.

Russian Plane Crash ‘Not Due to Engine Failure’

French aviation officials investigating the Russian plane crash in Egypt last week have confirmed that the incident was not caused by technical failures.
The plane was taken down during its journey from Egyptian tourist resort Sharm el-Sheikh to St Petersberg last Saturday, causing all of the 224 passengers and crew on board to be killed.
Earlier in the week UK officials reported that they had found intelligence to suggest that a bomb may have been placed in the hold of the aircraft before take-off, after phone calls between militants were intercepted.
Islamic State militants in the Sinai province, where the plane came down, insist that they are responsible for the incident. However, they have not claimed how they initiated the crash. IS has recently incited a war against the US and Russia due to their air strikes over Syria.
Other French officials investigating the crash have suggested that a ‘violent, sudden’ explosion caused the crash. According to the information given by the flight data recorder, ‘everything was normal during the flight, absolut


Ruling Turkish Party Re-Elected

The ruling AKP party in Turkey has been re-elected after winning with a clear majority, meaning that it has regained the majority that it lost in June.

Typhoon Koppu Batters the Philippines

The islands of the northern Philippines are facing the wrath of Typhoon Koppu, which has forced more than 15,000 people to flee their homes and left at least one dead, with countless more missing.

Turkey Hesitant Over EU Action Plan For Migrant Crisis

As the EU announces a proposed action plan with Turkey on the migrant crisis, Turkey remains aloof and denies that they have yet agreed anything. The announcement comes after the fourth EU summit on the refugee crisis, which took place on Thursday. It was revealed that the proposed plan, agreed by EU officials, would oblige Turkey to stem the flow ...

Three New Apps to Get Excited About

Here’s our run-down of the latest and most popular new apps on the market – these are ones to watch! (Or download, play with, use…)   LuckyTrip      What is it? An app that finds you a whole holiday itinerary at the tap of a button! How does it work? Use the slider to set your budget – anything from £150 ...

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