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Watch space station mission live!

NASA Television will cover the flight of a Japanese transport vehicle, loaded with supplies, to the International Space Station (ISS), from 7AM, 19 August.

True Detective: Season Two

Nic Pizzolatto’s second effort stands tall among competing shows if only to the shoulder of its predecessor. The action is exciting; the dialogue is mad but fun; whiskey, guns and cigarettes will always be cool; and, arguably because it is hard to follow, you never know where it’s going to go.

It is a typical hardboiled setup - a murky Californian underworld presided over by a corrupt police department - with a murder mystery at its centre.

The murderee, Ben Caspar, was a sex mad city manager, attendee of Eyes Wide Shut kinds of parties, and associate of crime boss Francis “Frank” Semyon.

Semyon is overplayed by Vince Vaughn, although given some of the clunkers he has to deliver, he does well to keep a straight face. Semyon: “Behold what was once a man.”

In season one, Rust Cohle (Matthew McConaughey) had some out there lines - “I can smell the psychosphere.” - but they worked because of the dynamic he had with Woody Harrelson’s straight man, Martin Hart, who would pull a face. Two employs no such device.


The Luminara of San Ranieri

Every year as the sun sets on June 16, the Pisans light tens of thousands of candles and then the night up with fireworks in celebration of Scaccieri Ranieri, patron saint of Pisa. This is the Luminara or Illumination of San Ranieri.

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