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Chinese Scientists Create Monkeys With AUTISM… To Try And Cure Them

Scientists in China have announced that they have used genetic engineering to create monkeys that have traits of autism.

Meanwhile In Japan… Pop Star Wins Right To Have A Boyfriend!

A 23-year-old female singer in Japan was sued for damages by her management company after having a relationship with a fan and breaking the “No dating” rule clause in her contract. The company were seeking 9.9million Yen. The singer who cannot be named for legal reasons signed a contact with the agency in 2012 which did in fact include a ...

Game Of Thrones- 3 NEW teaser trailers that will get you itching to see season six

For fans of Game Of Thrones, the year or so wait for the next season can be quite long and infuriating. We NEED to know of the fate of Jon Snow or what the scary white walkers will be up to in season six. Thankfully the lovely guys at HBO have released not only one new teaser trailer for the ...

First look at Cal Gadot as WONDER WOMAN

Courtesy of TV network CW, we have finally gotten a glimpse of Cal Gadot as Wonder Woman in the new movie set to be released in 2017. Though that does seem like a pretty long time away, you won't have to wait too long to see her again as she is also starring in the soon to be released Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice movie.

Check out the footage below!


VIDEO: Man lights 10,000 sparklers on fire at the same time

Have you ever wondered what happens when you light up 10,000 sparklers at once? Random and rather quite dangerous, but now you will get to know! To celebrate welcoming in the New Year, a man decided he would light the huge amount of sparklers that could have end up burning for two days straight had it not been fire extinguished.The daredevil filmed ...

NASA Have Set Up A Planetary Defense Office To Save Earth

NASA have set up a Planetary Defense Coordination Office and its main mission is to defend the Earth from asteroids and comets. Objectives include the early detection of objects that could be potentially hazardous and tracking and issuing warnings. In the instance that something is spotted too late and could cause great damage to Earth, the team will coordinate with ...

Alan Rickman dies of cancer aged 69

Actor Alan Rickman has died aged 69, his agent has confirmed. He had been suffering from cancer, and sadly passed away in London on Thursday. In a statement released by the family they said: “The actor and director Alan Rickman has died from cancer at the age of 69. He was surrounded by family and friends.” He became a household name ...

The owl and the perfect photobomb

A seriously photogenic owl has been caught on camera photobombing the screen of a surveillance camera in Montreal. The surveillance camera along a Montreal motorway was monitoring the roads when suddenly the beautiful owl decided it was their time to shine for the cameras. (The owl was most likely looking for a place to perch, but we like to think they just ...

10 TV Shows To Watch In 2016

2016 looks set to be even better than the previous year in terms of quality TV and we can’t wait to see some of these shows that are going to be released throughout the year! Here’s a rundown of the 10 TV shows you don’t want to miss out on in 2016.

First Look At Benedict Cumberbatch As DOCTOR STRANGE

Exciting news! Thanks to Entertainment Weekly, we have now been given the first official glimpse of Benedict Cumberbatch as Marvel’s Doctor Strange.   Although the movie only began shooting a couple of weeks ago, it seems as though the producers want to get the hype started up already, as you’re going to have to wait all the way until the 4th ...

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