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Trigana flight TGN267 missing over Papua province

An Indonesian passenger aircraft carrying 54 passengers plus crew has gone missing after losing contact with air traffic control on Sunday.

Japan issues controversial WW2 statement of remorse

Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe as well as Emperor Akihito have issued statements of remorse for Japanese aggression during WW2 on Saturday, which marked the 70th anniversary of the Allies’ victory over Japan.

However, the speeches did not include a direct apology. Japan’s neighbours feel the statement falls short of sincere regret.

Akihito highlighted the Japanese people’s desire for peace. “Reflecting on our past and bearing in mind the feelings of deep remorse over the last war, I earnestly hope that the ravages of war will never be repeated,” the Emperor said in his speech.

Prime Minister Abe visited a memorial for unknown fallen soldiers, before announcing in his address that he felt “utmost grief” over Japan’s actions in the war. He fell short of apologising. Instead Abe said it was time to stop making future generations apologise for the past.

Although his statement was accepted by the US, South Korea and China are not convinced. The lack of a formal apology remains a strong symbol to many who suff


Mali hotel siege ends with 12 dead

Malian special-unit security forces have stormed a hotel early on Saturday freeing four hostages and killing four of the gunman who seized control of the hotel on Friday.

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