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Peep Show the final season: The end of a generation

Peep Show - Season 9

Now that the cynical, honest and hilariously awkward sitcom that is Peep Show has reached it’s final season, it marks the end of what was a witty satirical critique of the voyeristic, self absorbed modern naughties man.

Autumnal abundance: A novice’s guide to wild mushrooms


The season of autumn signifies the coming of rain, the end of summer and the impending inevitability of winter, but it’s not all doom and gloom. With autumn comes lush green grass, beautiful autumn leaves, and the main reason for this article; mushrooms. It’s my first autumn in 2 years because I was travelling around the world and residing in places ...

UK Cannabis laws to be debated after nearly 87 years of Criminalisation

After a petition surpassed 200,000 signatures, the UK government has decided to debate cannabis laws in the House of Commons. Up for debate on the 12th of October , will be the penalties for production, sale and use of cannabis.

Tramlines Music Festival: The Journey that became a Pilgrimage

It was Friday the 24th of July 2015, and that could only mean one thing; I was off to Tramlines ‘Inner City’ festival in Sheffield for the 4th year running. Bearing in mind that I live in the Home Counties around London, it’s quite a way to go, but boy is it worth the journey. It was only this year that I finally realised it was my 4th year, and this realisation lead me on to another; I was addicted to bass. Not just any bass, but super woofy, heavy, underground, northern, Sheffield bass!

The Festival started in 2009, and had a fairly substantial 35,000 people attend, and it remained absolutely free until 2013, and they do say the best things in life are free. Unfortunately, after a loss of £40,000 in 2013, the organisers where forced to introduce a modest fee of £6.00 per day. I have to say it did not put me off one bit. It was still the cheapest festival I have ever been to, and it remains so, even with this years ticket at £30 for the weekend. This year, for the first time; weekend tickets sold out.




A Cat-alogue from Around the World

The internet is (practically) made of cats, if you don’t believe me- follow the link to the solid piece of proof that provided for the world. At least 15% of the internet is connected to cats in some way according to CBS.

Angkor Wat: A 21st Century way to see an 8th Century Wonder

Cambodia is a country that has endured a huge amount of suffering, when it wasn’t being colonised and controlled by the French, or later bombed by the Americans (during the Vietnam War), the country was under the rule of the tyrannical Khmer Rouge; the nationalistic communist group, led by Poll Pot. After they had finished “cleansing” the country, it had ...

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