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Australian Man Killed By Shark Whilst Diving With Daughter

On Saturday (July 25) A Diver was killed by a shark whilst hunting for scallops off the coast of Australia.

The man – who was in his late 40’s – was diving with his daughter – in her 20’s- on Maria Island (in the southern island state of Tasmania) when he failed to resurface.

Explaining the horrific event, Tasmania Police Inspector David Wiss told reporters “My understanding is the daughter returned to the boat and the father returned to get some more scallops… He did not return to the surface… His daughter became worried and went down and checked on her father, she saw a very large shark, she saw her father being attacked by the shark.”


His daughter frantically made her way to the surface and alerted other boats to her dire situation, setting off flares and making emergency phone calls. Nearby boaters came to her aid “They pulled up the (man) using the air hose that he was attached to, but unfortunately he was fatally injured” Wiss explained, declining to reveal anymore details.

Understandably the daughter was traumatised and was unable to recall anything about the shark other than it’s large size. Fishermen reported sightings of a 4.5 metre white pointer shark to local marines on the Friday. Wiss explained that “When there are sightings the general practice is to send out warnings across marine radio”, but according to initial investigations no subsequent radio warnings were sent. “My understanding is that the local police officer wasn’t aware of any warning that went out”.

The coroner will investigate the death, whilst a police liaison officer and counsellors are offering support to the family.

Patrols of the area (Lachlan Island, which is situated between Maria Island and Tasmania east coast) are to take place after the awful event, and people have been warned to stay out of the waters.

Peter Whish-Wilson (Greens Tasmanian senator) whilst acknowledging the devastating incident has asked people to calm down and take a step back from “terrible tragedy” stating “There have only been five fatal shark attacks in Tasmania since convict times… Over time people will be calling for sharks to be killed. While it’s tragic news, we want to keep a couple of things in perspective”.

The father and daughter were described by Police Inspector Wiss as amateur divers who were licensed to dive for scallops.

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