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Credit: Marcio Jose Sanchez/Associated Press

Apple Event 2016: Everything You Need To Know

Apple’s September keynote is always an exciting one for industry folk and technology enthusiasts alike. This year’s much anticipated Apple Event brought a few not-so-shocking updates to the new iPhone 7 and iOS10 plus a new Apple Watch was announced with all the latest in specs. The rumoured omission of the headphone port was easily the most debated topic in the run up to yesterday but you may not be getting rid of those headphones after-all! For all that and further announcements from the Californian tech giant, check out all the details below.

Credit: Jim Wilson/The New York Times

Credit: Jim Wilson/The New York Times

Technology really has come a long way and it most definitely continues to do so. Apple have always been known for their innovation and after a rocky few months, they proved everyone right. The company had a pretty hectic start in San Francisco yesterday, the 7th, with news of their brand new updates leaking on Twitter before the press got hold of anything. However, Tim Cook and co. saved the day with news of a shiny new iPhone 7, iOS10 and the ever-evolving Apple Watch (2.) He even managed to star in Carpool Karaoke with James Corden on-screen before he popped on stage! Oh Tim, you’re full of surprises.



The new, improved and faster (A10 Fusion chip) iPhone(s) was the main focal point for Apple Event attendees. First up, the 4.7 inch iPhone 7 along with the larger iPhone 7 Plus will see the previous iPhone 6 wiped out. Suddenly, my poor 5C feels archaic. Cost of the iPhone 7 will start out the same as the 6S’s release; £539 for iPhone 7 and £619 for iPhone 7 Plus, pre-order available September 9th and launched in-store the 16th. The 5.5inch iPhone 7 Plus has a dual-lens which basically means you’ll take photographs like Mario Testino from the comfort of your smartphone, two 12MP cameras to create a better zoom (2x optical zoom, and 10x digital zoom) and a new Portrait Mode which will capture your images like a DSLR camera would. Storage will be doubled on all new devices from now on meaning 32GB will be the starting capacity. Yes, the headphone jack is gone but only as we knew it. Apple will include the usual earpods and an adaptor (pictured below) which will enable you to see use those head/earphones you previously forked out for. The new innovative AirPods will be the hopeful bestseller for Apple this season. Their wireless technology (not Bluetooth, FYI) will see you sporting the earphones on-the-go switching between any Apple device, only playing when in use and their case (24 hour lasting battery) charging the device after the 5 hour battery life the ‘Pods hold. 5 hours? We’re blessed. However, will sell separately at a cost of £150 approx. Other big news for the iPhone: it’s finally water and dust resistant which was a previous USP for Samsung devices. A non-click home button will mean instead the device will vibrate much like the Apple Watch. Stereo speakers on the iPhone will give a top quality sound and block that annoying external audio many users despised. A bigger battery life will give you an additional 2 hours to snap selfies to your hearts content. As regards design, not much has changed except for ”cleaner lines.” Space Grey has been discontinued and instead a glossy black (only for 128GB and 256GB versions) and matte will be a choice along with the olden ones i.e. silver, rose gold and gold.




iOS 10

The software end of things with no major fresh news. iOS 10 will be available for download and installation on September 13th. Note: it’s always a good idea to avail as these updates fix any bugs or security issues with your iPhone/iPad/Watch. Playable ”with one hand,” Super Mario is coming to the App Store which will be attractive to all you Nintendo kids. Go on, admit you’re excited! iWork, the productivity app, sees ‘real-time collaboration’ coming to life so multiple users can edit documents and work together at once. This will be a bonus to companies and schools which make use of the iPad’s quicker work-rate. Apple Music was still a slight mystery at the end of its presentation but it now has 17 million paid subscribers and talk of deals with artists is most likely its next step. In other words, more U2 type shenanigans.

Apple Watch 2

We might as well be honest, Apple have been struggling to market the Watch so the new version was welcomed with open arms. Confirmed as the Apple Watch Series 2, is two-times faster than the first edition, will be available in late October from £369 along with an advanced four times stronger than stainless steel ceramic design (£1,249) AND more Hermès bands. You’ll be able to go swimming for 50 metres with its water resistant hardware, a focus on health was well noted in the presentation of the Watch. A GPS is now featured to guide you through that swimming pool should you find yourself in such a situation. Pokémon Go is coming to the device, possibly making it a lot safer than using your iPhone too. Apple have struck a deal with Nike which will see a special edition of the Watch for you sports fans, the Apple Watch Nike+. Apple Watch Series 2’s software, watchOS 3.0, is available for download on the 13th also. Basic additions like a totally new brighter interface (a first for Apple devices) and a faster navigation system (dual-core processor) can too be listed.

That concludes everything from Tim Cook and Apple for the time being. We will keep you posted through the Union Times social media channels listed below so be sure to check them out!



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