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The current Apple TV

Apple Delays Live Streaming Service

Apple have delayed the release of their much anticipated television streaming service until 2016, sources have revealed, after negotiations with TV channels concerning programme licensing have stalled. 

Apple were in talks with major networks CBS corp. and 21st Century Fox Inc. to discuss licensing for programmes to be shown on the streaming channel. According to inside sources, who wished to remain anonymous due to the private nature of the talks, the discussions have been progressing too slowly for the anticipated 9th of September reveal set for this year.

It has also been speculated that alongside this, Apple will be premiering a new set top box, as well as offering the service to current iPhone, iPad and Apple TV owners.

The rumored concept art for the proposed new Apple set top box (picture courtesy of pocketlint)

The rumored concept art for the proposed new Apple set top box (picture courtesy of pocketlint)

The ability for Apple to be able to stream television programmes is also under question, with some experts querying whether or not Apple has the computer network capacity to make the streaming service viable. This means that the service might not be as fast or as clear as other streaming services.

Many online blogs concerning the proposed new Apple venture also make comments on the alleged price; should the service be announced, it is reported that it will cost around $40 (or £26) per month. Comparitively, current television streaming giant Netflix costs far less – the difference being that Netflix does not currently offer live TV, which is what is being proposed by Apple. The forty dollar price is, however, a significant cut on the current bills offered by current cable companies.

The current format of Apple TV

The current format of Apple TV

This is not the first time rumours of Apple joining the television streaming game have circulated in the technology world, with speculation of Apple’s interest in live streaming reportedly happening since 2009.

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