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Animals Asia ~ A Bear’s Best Friend

Moon bears (also known as the Asian Black Bear) are classified as vulnerable animals, and their saviours come in the form of Animals Asia. The charity was founded in 1998 to promote respect for all animals and is led by pioneer, Jill Robinson. They aim to put an end to bear bile farming, which takes place in china and Vietnam. They are also on a mission to end trade in dogs and cats for food in china and they campaign tirelessly to end the abuse of captive animals in zoos and safari parks in China.

This vital organisation rescues bears who are farmed for their bile, these bears are kept barbarically in cages and the extraction of bile from their gall bladder (their bile is used in traditional medicines) is performed via methods that are painful to the animals.

Jill Robinson heads up a team of 300 staff, her blogs (on www.animalsasia.org) make for fascinating and heart-breaking reading. The good news is that successfully rescued bears are living much happier lives in bear sanctuaries. Bears are rehabilitated and spend the remainder of their lives in the company of other bears.

Actor, Peter Egan and actress, Lesley Nicol are ambassadors for the charity, among many other well known names who are also giving their time until the cruelty ends. You can help in numerous ways, spreading the word is one of the most simple yet effective gestures to help their work.

This link tells the story of Saving Sam and Simon https://www.animalsasia.org/intl/get-involved/saving-sam-and-simon.html and gives an idea of the work that Animals Asia embark upon. This particular story also shows the sorry truth, that sometimes its too late to be able to save these victims. Awareness is key and Jill, together with her team  are achieving the best for our friends who cannot speak for themselves.

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