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And the wait is over!

I was only a little girl when I heard my first Oasis song (and it wasn’t ‘Wonderwall’!), my older sister was in her early 20’s, it was the 90’s and to this day I remember her blasting the ‘What’s the story morning glory’album in her bedroom. My 8 year-old ears immediately fell in love with the band and to this day, Oasis still carry a place in my heart. I grew up in the North of France, a town where most people would be into rap or r’n’b, it wasn’t my thing at all. Oasis came about and made my musical background and if it wasn’t for them, I would not even know some of the bands which I love to this day.

Even though the band sadly split in 2009, I managed to catch them live for their last tour, ‘Dig out your soul’ had just come out. That year was my favourite, so many happy memories!

So it is no wonder that I am amongst the people eager to watch the Oasis documentary directed by Mat Whitecross entitled ‘Supersonic’. The documentary aims at reliving the rise of the band, from the council estate to the 2 legendary concerts at Knebworth that went down in musical history.


The musical film will be out in October and will make you relive the incredible decade that was the 90’s. Be highly prepared for a high dose of nostalgia.

Now, when is the reunion?

Watch the trailer for ‘Supersonic’ below:

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