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An Insight From The Spotlight – Lenny Kravitz’s First Photographic Exhibition

Although it’s not the very first time that we’re seeing celebrities mocking paparazzis; it is the very first time that we’re seeing someone transforming it into art. Singer Lenny Kravitz has brought to the public a singular but really special collection of pictures that he has taken from paparazzis or fans who were constantly stalking at him. It all started as a hobby but the result has been an excellent exhibition of almost 50 pictures titled Flash in which spectators will be seeing the nomadic life of an artist, and what is to be like to be in all those flashing lights.

After being opened to the public in Los Angeles, CA, the exhibition has traveled to Europe, in cities like Berlin, Vienna or Basel. Now it has been presented in the Art Basel fair in Miami for all audiences. Although Kravitz had not planned at all to bring all these pictures to any museum; he finally decided to show them after being encouraged by some of his closest friends, especially the French photographer Jean-Baptiste Mondino, who has also added some portraits of the singer in this exhibition. Together they have created a black and white, very personal tour through Kravitz daily life.

Actually, the story of how this pictures began to be taken, is very similar to the story of how Kravitz began his relationship with the world of photography. His father, who had been stringer in Vietnam’s war, brought him his first camera. Even though he was not very interested at first, Kravitz finally ended up taking pictures many years later, a hobby that has resulted to be one of his greatest passions.


Now, it has happened exactly the same. One day, sick of everything and being constantly stalked, Kravitz had the great idea of taking pictures of those who were following him. At first, it all began as an excuse to laugh at paparazzis and an artist’s life in general: “It started out being a real nuisance because I wanted to shoot. I wanted time to do my thing and be anonymous” But, soon, he realised of the importance that this had to him: what could happen if roles were exchanged? That’s how the persecuted became the persecutor.

This is nothing but a brilliant idea that has been shared with the audience. A great chance to know what is to be like on the objectives and flashes every single day, told by one of the greatest artists of our time. An exhibition in which we’ll find:”curiosity, happiness, pain, intrigue…frustration, love, everything, just people, human emotions.”




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