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Amazing Supermoon Wows Stargazers Across The World: Photos

Stargazers across the globe were treated to the stunning site of a rare blood-red supermoon. For the first time in three decades a supermoon – the time when the moon is at its closest orbit to our planet appears 14% bigger than usual – combined with a total lunar eclipse. The ethereal red glow lasted approximately one hour and 12 minutes and was visible in Europe, Africa, parts of Asia including China and Japan as well as North and South America. Take a look at some of the best shots from last night’s incredible celestial event of the year from around the globe.

Dover, England

The superman rises in Glastonbury, England. September 27 2015.

Cape Town, South Africa



Via Getty Images

Stargazers in Cape Town enjoyed perfect totality across the Cape of Good Hope. September 27, 2015.

Paris, France


The supermoon shining over the Eiffel Tower in Paris. September 27, 2015.

New York City, United States


A flock of birds fly past the giant supermoon near Minsk, Belarus. September 27, 2015.

Brighton, England


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