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Almost Performing A Murder – Woman Stabbed While Visiting An Art Gallery

This year’s Art Basel Fair will be related to an unexpected episode that, unfortunately, has nothing to do with art. While visiting the exhibition of American artist Naomi Fisher, a 33-year-old woman named Shin Seo Young was stabbed in her right shoulder by another woman named Siyuan Zhao, aged 24. They both fought, but the sudden bleeding made her fall.

But what has been more surprising was the fact that no one asked for help at seeing Young bleeding on the floor. The reason for this was just because everyone thought that they were seeing a performance, as it all had happened in an art gallery. Many had thought that it was all planned, even when the police started to mark off the area and were comforting Young, who was covered in blood.

Some didn’t even find out the truth until seeing how doctors were putting Young in a stretcher and rushed her to the hospital. No one could believe what was happening, not even the artist herself, Naomi Fisher, who was told about the episode by another artist who was also exhibiting his work in the same room. She would later tell The Miami Hearld: “I’m so freaked out!”


Fortunately, everything is under control now. Young’s wounds were non-life threatening and will be getting out from the hospital soon. Meanwhile, Zhao has been arrested and now is facing an attempted murder charge. According to police reports, the attacker stated that she deserved it. “I had to see her bleed!” Zhao said after saying that “I had to kill her and two more”.

At this moment seems that everything has come back to normal in Art Basel Fair. The spokeswoman of the event has stated: “The attack was an isolated incident that was immediately secured. Our thoughts are with the victim”.


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