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Airports that make our transit time worthwhile!

If we travellers have to admit it out loud, the only non fun part of travel is the whole airport layover time, especially for those long haul flights. Airports, according to me, are windows of the city you choose to visit. Considering the fact that airports are the first and last places you step into while jet-setting, it’s only fair to expect them to be, well anything but just not DULL.

Breaking the trend, however, are the below airports which are a pleasure to walk into and out of!

  • Changi International Airport
picture credits : http://www.travelfootprints.ca

picture credits : http://www.travelfootprints.ca

Holding top spot as the world’s best airport for over four years in a row, this airport is a traveller’s delight. A world in its own and surrounded by nature all through, this airport is easily worth spending at least half a day in! Some attractions within this airport include a water lily garden, orchid garden, sunflower garden, cactus garden and my favourite amongst these, the butterfly garden. To top it all, there’s a Balinese themed swimming pool with a runway view and of course a poolside bar as well!

  • Seoul Incheon International Airport


picture credits : www.frommers.com

picture credits : www.frommers.com

A true testimony for being the torchbearer of its culture is Incheon International Airport.  The Korean cultural street lined in traditional architecture is the main highlight of this airport and hosts several performances and classical concerts. The airport even has an in house museum that has artifacts dating back a thousand years!

Feeling peckish? How about a snack along one of the eateries in this street.

Feeling bored? How about watching a movie in one of the two theaters in the airport.

Feel like having some fun? Visit the ice rink or play a game of golf even.

Feeling lucky? Well, why not visit the casino and see if you can bank on your luck!

We think this is one airport people wouldn’t mind being stuck in 🙂

  • Dubai International Airport

Dubai is one of the top luxury holiday destinations for travellers around the world and its airport only elevates this feature. Admittedly famous for its duty free collection of snazzy electronics and flashy jewelry, this airport is a shopper’s paradise. With world class brands of clothing and accessories adorning this massive airport, sleep deprived travellers can find peace in the Zen gardens or of course, catch up on some much needed rest in one of the famous snoozecubes!

  • Schiphol International Airport, Amsterdam


picture credit - http://stuckattheairport.com/

picture credit – http://stuckattheairport.com/

For the bookworm in you, this is the best airport to catch up on some reading! Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport has an in-house library with some comfy cushions providing a perfect nest for its travellers. If that does not entice you, then how about a stroll into the smaller version of the Rijksmuseum associated with the airport. Not to miss the Xpress Spa to unwind and relax before your next flight. Tired kids can find some solace in the Kids’ forest which is essentially looks like an outdoor adventure space.

The Dutch truly have it all figured out, don’t they!

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