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Air France Flight Diverted To Canada After Receiving An Anonymous Threat

Yesterday night, Air France’s flight 083 had to be diverted to Canada after receiving an anonymous threat. The plane, a Boeing 777, landed in Montreal just before midnight, with 231 passengers and 15 crew. The flight was going from Los Angeles to Paris, but decided to divert the flight to Canada, a decision that would be later justified by the airline “as a precaution”.

Passangers were told at first when landing that the plane had to land due to “operational reasons”. Once landed, inspections began to be carried out, including passengers, baggage and aircraft. After looking into what they named “the source of the threat” reports have concluded that it all was just a false alarm. Shortly after the plane took off again to France’s capital, like planned, and has landed in Paris this morning around 9:30 (local time).

Some weeks ago, two more flights, that were also going to Paris, had to be diverted due to anonymous threats like this one. With this, there have been three flights to Paris that have been threatened. One of them had taken off in Washington D.C and had to land also in Montreal whereas the other one had to land in Salt Lake City. FBI inspected both flights and found no credible threat, according to reports.


It all has happened just weeks after the terrorist attacks in Paris, which are still giving a lot of controversy. At the moment, the airline has confirmed this has all been a false alarm, and fortunately, there have been no victims.


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