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Age ratings to be introduced on UK online music videos

Following a government pilot online music videos will now get age ratings in the same way films do.

Sony Music, Universal Music and Warner Music will send music videos to the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) before putting them on Vevo and YouTube.

So far, 56 of the 132 videos submitted to the BBFC were rated 12, and 53 were classified as 15.


Of the 132 videos, only one video received an 18 certificate – Dizzee Rascal’s ‘Couple Of Stack’ because it was described as having “strong bloody violence”, “gore” and “very strong language”.

Videos given an 18 rating won’t automatically load in your browser window.

However, these age ratings will only be applied to music videos produced in the UK, rather than international ones and therefore artists who usually have controversial videos, such as Rihanna with Better Have My Money, will no be affected.

The government said that the scheme will “protect children from viewing inappropriate videos on the internet”.

The government has also confirmed that independent labels will also take part in the scheme for a six month trial period.

However, artists such as Ben Howard and FKA Twigs have voiced concern over the rating system, where as Jessie J has agreed with the government’s plan.

Howard has said that the ratings are pointless and FKA Twigs has said that the sexuality in her videos should not be banned because we do not live in a repressed Victorian Britain.

She adds that instead of a ban on videos, there should be an alternative offered to children.


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