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Afghan Parliament Attacked by Suicide Bomber

On Monday the Taliban attacked the Afghan Parliament in Kabul as lawmakers were meeting to try an confirm a defense minister. 

At the time of writing two civilians have been confirmed killed and at least forty have been injured. All of the attackers have been killed by security forces. The attack took place before 8a.m. BST.


MP’s were quickly evacuated from the building after the blast which was caught on camera.

The Taliban claimed responsibility in a series of tweets, on read: “Parliament of the puppet administration of Kabul is under heavy martyrdom-seekers attack at a time which they were casting confidence vote for the minister of defense,”

Afghanistan has been without a defense minister for around ten months and today’s session was the third attempt to confirm who would take the post.

A few hours after the explosion, police confirmed that all attackers had been killed.

By Fiona Carty

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